ENT-Joint practice Dr. Drobik und Dr. de la Chaux


First and foremost, we are providing all the services concerning the core field of ENT. Given our additional qualifications, we offer virtually the complete array of state-of-the-art ENT medicine. If required, we also provide a wide range of medical examinations according to current medical standards, such as audiometry, cytology etc..

All OUT-PATIENT AND IN-PATIENT SURGERIES are performed at our in-patient ward in the Nymphenburger Krankenhaus – Dritter Orden Clinic (Menzinger Str. 44, 80638 Munich, Station (Ward) 1). These surgeries range from tonsillectomy, surgery to improve hearing and laryngeal surgery up to ENT traumatology. For minimally invasive surgery of the paranasal sinuses we use endoscopes, operating microscopes and ultra-modern "shaver technology". For our patients we have summarized the most frequent surgeries in the following leaflets:

Surgical reduction of the palatal tonsils (tonsillectomy)
Surgery of adenoids (adenotomy)
Insertion of ventilation tubes (tympanostomy tube)
Correction of the nasal septum
Surgery of the paranasal sinuses

SLEEP DIAGNOSTICS AND TREATMENT/SNORING:: We are an authorized clinic for diagnostics and therapy of sleep apneas (arrested breathing during sleep). If sleep apnea is suspected, our patients are given a recording device that monitors snoring , breathing, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate frequency, etc. In appropriate cases, we offer our patients suffering from loud snoring treatment via radio-frequency ablation or conventional surgery methods.

NATURAL MEDICINE: very often permits treatment within the meaning of "Soft Medicine". This comprises herbal medicine, homeopathy, thermal treatment, inhalations, balanced lifestyle therapy, neural therapy, magneto-therapy, etc.

ULTRASONICS:Today, high-resolution, multi-dimensional sonograms are ideal for the assessment of soft neck tissue and salivary glands. They serve as guiding aid in fine needle biopsies of enlarged lymphatic glands. With this method the surgical extraction of such glands is often avoided. In addition, ultrasonics plays an essential role in routine diagnostics of paranasal sinuses. Thus, a lot of x-rays can be avoided.

X-RAYS are nevertheless necessary in special cases. For example, in the assessment of deeply located paranasal sinuses, in complicated inflammations of the middle ear or bone fractures.

ALLERGOLOGY:For ENT specialists, allergy tests are vital when it comes to the diagnosis of numerous respiratory diseases. In determined cases, the hyper-sensitisation provides very good chances for a complete recovery and can be performed at our clinic.

DISORDERS OF THE VOCAL CHORDS AND SPEECH: : Infant speech disturbances are often the result of an undetected hardness of hearing. Objective, computer-aided hearing tests (oto acoustic emissions and brainstem evoked response audiometry, BERA) that work without the cooperation of the child are assisting us in such examinations. Moreover, we are able to determine the vocal fold vibrations in adult persons via video stroboscopy. Voice performance can be determined via voice field measurements.

BOTULINUM TOXIN THERAPY:Dr. Drobik has played an essential role in the development of this therapy. It is used in the treatment of determined muscular spasm (e.g. blepharospasmus, spasmus hemifacialis, wry neck, etc.). Furthermore, the therapy is recommended in certain forms of increased sweating (hyperhidrosis) such as Frey's syndrome.

ENT-Joint practice Dr. Drobik and Dr. de la Chaux
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