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Information Leaflet: Removal of polyps

Dear parents,

Due to your child's condition, we recommended to have its polyps removed (= PHARYNGEAL TONSIL = ADENOID). These polyps are located behind the nose, in the so-called nasopharynx, and can be extremely enlarged or chronically sore, particularly in children. The following medical conditions frequently require surgery:
- susceptibility to infections and chronic catarrh
- obstructed nasal breathing and snoring
- frequent inflammation of the middle ear or adamant middle ear
-.effusions which may lead to a retarded language development or
-.permanent hearing loss.

How is this surgery performed?

When anaesthesia is induced, on of the parents are permitted to be with their child in the operating room. Surgery is performed through the open mouth. With a bended special instrument, the polyps are removed from the nasopharynx. The final step consists in careful control of bleeding.

What are the risks involved as a result of this surgery?

For several days following the removal of polyps, there is a risk of postoperative haemorrhage. This is why your child should stay over-night in the hospital ward for monitoring purposes. However, if you live close to the hospital, you can monitor your child at home. All other risks (e.g. dental injury, nasal twang, re-growth of polyps) are extremely seldom. In general, postoperative pain if very slight.

What do I have to do before, during and after the surgery?

Already 10 days before surgery patients are not allowed to take ANY KIND OF PAINKILLERS as these drugs disturb coagulation! In the post-operative period, blood pressure should not be unnecessarily increased so as to avoid bleeding. Even though patients are permitted to get up very soon, any kind of physical effort has to be strictly avoided. This means that bathing, showering and washing your hair is not permitted for a period of 1 week after surgery. In addition, the sore shall not be stressed by sour or spicy food. This includes fresh fruit (even bananas or tomatoes), fruit juices or carbonated beverages. Please avoid gargling and chewing gum, including food that is crumbly or difficult to chew.

For 1 week your child should stay at home under your observation (no kindergarten!). Until the wound is completely healed (approx. 3 weeks after surgery), holiday trips are not permitted. Post-operative bleeding is extremely seldom. However, should bleeding occur, please take the following measures so as to be on the safe side
- Make your child sit down and, if necessary, slightly bend his/her chest
-. so as to avoid that blood gets into the respiratory tract
- put a cold, wet towel in your child's neck
- call our offices or (after office hours) FIRST CALL the hospital, Dritter Orden Clinic, ward 1 (the nurses there will inform us immediately)
AND THEN come to Station 18 with your child.

Phone (office): 166 50 55
Phone: 1795-1318

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